Thursday, August 27, 2015


Pink is one of my favourite colours so it only makes sense that the loss for it extends into my makeup also.

A pretty pink blush or glossy pink lip is hard to beat and in this post I share a few of my favourites.

MAC "Fashion Scoop" Cremesheen Glass
This creamy pale pink is smooth and hydrating on the lips or also works as the perfect gloss to add sheen over any lipstick colour. An absolute purse essential because it is versatile and fuss-free.

MAC Snob and Saint Germain
I couldn't pick just one of these colours so I had to include both. Snob is a wearable muted dusty pink with a Satin finish. Saint Germain is a glossy light barbie pink with an amplified formulation. If you want perfectly pink lips then these will do just the trick.

MAC "Two To Glow" Mineralized Eyeshadow
Words can not describe how breath-takingly beautiful this eyeshadow is. It has to be one of my favourites and I could stare at it all day. It's the perfect combination of a warm peachy hue on one side then a marbled pink and brown on the other side.

Face of Australia "Hello Dolly" Blush
Despite being a crazy bubblegum pink in the pot, when applied it is a much more wearable medium pink. It gives you that light and bright flushed finish without looking like a painted porcelain doll.

These are my quick fixes for when I feel like adding some pink into my makeup look; from eyes to lips.
Thanks for reading!