Monday, August 17, 2015


It happened again - I looked at my post for today and decided I wanted to give you all an update instead. 

My life has been pretty hectic lately with university assessment in full swing, creating content daily for multiple platforms and dealing with crazy occurrences such as flat tyres. I have been pretty active on social media, especially Instagram so all photos in this post are from my feed (@JordyCannon). 

This is kind of a lengthy one so grab a cup of tea and let's catch up. 

The flat tyre fiasco + 30 pink roses
With a day of errands ahead of me, I set off to start my tasks and got about five minutes into my trip before getting a flat tyre. I'm talking completely flat. I have had one other tyre issue in the past where a nail slightly deflated my wheel but this time it was game over and I couldn't even drive to the nearest auto shop like last time. To cheer me up a friend took me out to coffee while I waited for my car and we got a lovely manicure together. I then came back home to a delivery of 30 pink roses so needless to say, my day definitely turned around into a great one. I will be posting about the bouquet I received in Wednesday's post. 
House Hunting, University & Life
Things have been crazy here with our lease ending and having to find another place but at the same time, also looking to buy. Weekends have been spent previewing display homes and researching until my fingers are numb. While during the week I have been focusing on Uni and then the fun part...blogging and making videos for you guys! I have so much cool content coming out in the next few weeks and lots of exciting stuff happening before the year is up so keep an eye out.  Other than that I have been crazy into my yoga and pilates, going almost everyday but that might not be the case for this week. It's going to be hard work with three assessment pieces due, an exam and a huge project that will be taking up a heap of time.

The coolest parcel ever = Clueless
At the very end of last week I received a box big enough to fit a mini fridge so I was snapping the whole process of figuring out what it could be. Turns out it was the coolest PR parcel ever, mainly because I am obsessed with Clueless. I don't think anything could top this concept other than a Mean Girls inspired pack that is. It was for the release of some new V05 hair goodies, each have bubblegum pink packaging and most incorporate glitter somehow.  

That's what has been happening in my life, we're all up to date. Would love to hear what you have all been up to so send me a line on Twitter or leave me a comment on Instagram @JordyCannon

Thanks for reading!