Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Most of you would be aware that I am definitely a lipstick addict and so when I saw the Rebel Bloom collection, I knew it was something I would fall in love with.

I would best describe the collection as pastels made bright such as a slightly neon lilac and a fluorescent candy coral. Available in ten fun shades, this is a collection where you will want to get your hands on them all. Read on for a review of their formulation and swatches of all the shades.

700 Barely Bloomed is a light warm nude which is a bit too light for me but I think it would look great on more tanned skin.

745 Peach Poppy is a beautiful mid-toned peach with light orange undertones, very comparable to MAC Sweet and Sour lipstick.
710 Petal Pink is a light bubble-gum barbie pink, definitely not a shade I can pull off but it is a it of fun. It definitely has a cool undertone which is important to note if you tend to gravitate towards more warm hues.

715 Hibiscus Pop is a bubblegum candy pink with a fun warm undertone. It swatches as quite sheer so is wearable but the colour is also buildable so there is versatility with this shade.
705 Blushing Bud has got to be my pick of the bunch, it is just so insanely beautiful. This dusty pink nude is the perfect everyday colour and I am in love with it so you will be seeing this shade around in future posts.

725 Lilac Flush is a pastel lilac and swatches as seen in the tube. It is a very light cool toned shade so be cautious if you are quite pale because it can definitely wash you out.
720 Power Peony is a slightly darker lilac than Lilac Flush and has quite a violet undertone which makes it a bit more wearable for me since it suits lighter complexions well.

740 Coral Burst is a stunning hot coral that is the perfect alternative to a red, particularly useful in Summer when you want to pull off a bold lip colour without having to wear a full blown red.

735 Rose Rush is a luscious bright red with a beautiful sheen to finish. The perfect chic and classic bold lip to tie together any look.

730 Orchid Ecstasy is a deep plum that swatches as a medium toned purple with a cool undertone. What makes this shade unique is it that it is a bright version of a plum rather than the muted dark toned you often see.

The formulation is creamy and pigmentation varies from shade to shade with some having a chalky pastel finish and others having a sheer candy colour.

Made with nourishing honey nectar, these lipsticks pack a punch while also providing care and hydration to the lips.

This range retails for $16.95 as the Color Sensational ranges generally do. Often times you can catch them on sale, such as Priceline selling them for $12.95 currently.

This is definitely a must have for any beauty addicts who love keeping up to date with new lipstick ranges. If you aren't big on bright colours, check out their Striped Nudes collection for more wearbale alternatives.

Thanks for reading!