Friday, August 7, 2015


This duo is to create fierce eyes and claims to be a replacement for false lashes but does it live up to it's high expectations?

Australis have recently a new mascara onto the market and at just $10.95 I knew I had to give it a go. This post also features their liquid liner for those of you who enjoy a nice cat eye paired with your long lashes.

If volume is your aim then this is the mascara for you since it achieves fullness and thickness for the lashes. The big plush brush is the same thickness the whole way through. Also as you can see from the photo above, each individual bristle is long enough and separated enough to catch your lashes in between and ensure they are evenly coated.

The formula is described as having a moisturising element within it which is always great news because I know that personally if a mascara is too drying, I will often pick at my lashes to get it off as it can irritate the whole eye area. It is a smudge free formula while still being very liquid in consistency so the best of both worlds really.

I want to also give a mini review on the liquid eyeliner, which is not part of the new releases but I find it to work great in conjunction with the new mascara. This liquid liner is extremely thin in consistency which is great because it achieves a super black line but can also make it trick to get a super precise wing. The size of the plastic tip creates a medium thickness line so perfect for dramatic looks.

The shade of the liner is in "Black" and the mascara is in" Jet Black" with both products being available from Priceline, Big W, Kmart and Australis Online.

Thanks for reading!