Thursday, August 6, 2015


Last week I had my first Brazilian Beauty experience for their special Winter Refresher Facial which includes a personal consultation with a skin scanner, a one hour facial and a take home ASI product so that you can continue the care for your skin at home.

I want to share my experience with all of you that way if it sounds like something your skin has been needing then you can take advantage of this deal which ends on August 31st.

After being greeted by the lovely staff I was guided to the Skin Scanner for a personal consultation of my skin with a light that looks beyond the surface. This consultation is fantastic if you are a little unsure of your skins major concerns and therefore don't know what products suit you best. With the scanner I was able to see that I thankfully didn't have any skin damage, dark spots or pigmentation but I was a bit dehydrated (as shown by the darkness that showed up around my eyes). I was able to see that my oil flow is on my nose and chin (now I know where to apply the most primer) and that I have skin that is normal to dry.

Once you get into the treatment room it is pure relaxation. Starting off with cleansing your skin to start with a clean base then moving straight into a tingly exfoliator where you can feel it zapping away at your skin imperfections. Next in the process is a lovely light clay mask that doesn't dry out on the skin so hydrates while working to minimise pores and reduce blackheads. After all that it is time for a beautiful facial massage using the Good Night Serum. Somewhere in there you also get a beautiful head massage but no need to worry there is no oil used so you won't walk out of the salon looking greasy. You are then finished off with the all day hydration moisturiser with an SPF of 15 so that your skin isn't left unprotected from the sun.

Before you head out you are given a prescription from the super helpful beauticians who recommend certain products for your skins personal needs. You then walk out with a take home product, the Intense Daily Multivitamin.

All of the products used during the facial are by Brazilian Beauty's own brand, ASI. The ingredients are so fresh and active that each product only has a shelf life of 6 months. The products used on my skin were; All Day Hydration with SPF, Intensive Daily Multivitamin (take home product), Multivitamin Foaming Cleanser, Pure Hydration Plus, The Good Night Serum and Pure Pro Exfoliant. You are able to purchase these products from Brazilian Beauty to continue to care for your skin at home.

You can read more about the package that I experienced here but get in quick because the deal ends August 31st.

If you are a Brisbane girl then I would highly recommend booking in for this treatment, I had a lovely time at the Creek Street store in Brisbane's CBD.

Thanks for reading!