Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Two of Maybelline's new releases are shaking up my makeup routine and I am so excited about the combination that I have to let you all know.

Both beautifully packaged in purple, each of these products work together to achieve the ultimate eye look. Between killer lashes and a fierce cat eye, you can't get much better.

Lash Sensational is one of the few Maybelline mascaras with a curved brush and since they are my personal favourite, I knew I would get along well with it. The curve in the brush allows for each lash to be coated at the same time since it follows the natural shape of your eye. The bristles are medium to short in length so it gives you a lot of control during application. The blackest black colour ensures extra dark lashes for a bold look. The best part is that the formulation is thin so not to create thick and spidery lashes. 


Now let's get into the amazing new winged liner product from Maybelline which is the HyperSharp Wing. The idea behind this product is that it takes the Master Precise liner one step further by having two sides to the brush. One of the sides is 2mm while the other is 0.01mm giving you the creative freedom to swap the sides around to create your perfect look. I can tell you now that winged eyeliner has never been easier since you start off with a thin 0.01mm line and then gradually thicken it up rather than inevitably applying the line too thick to start off with.

These two products used together is a match made in heaven and I would highly recommend both of these amazing new releases.

I'm just waiting for a brown version in both of these products to come out that way there is also the option of a very natural look.

Thanks for reading!