Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's the hard truth that sometimes a lipstick looks bad and it's not the product but moreso an issue of cracked and dry lips. It's so important to care for your lips with the right products and since I have dropped the ball on that lately it inspired me to write this post. 

I have three products here that I love and think are great for getting your lips back into shape. Some are new favourites while one of these has been featured in my favourites many times. I find when I have perfectly plump and hydrated lips all on my own, I'm less reliant on lipstick to improve the colour and gloss.

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm ($19.99)
Let's start with the bare basics - if you are going to use just one of these products then this is it. Put down your Chapstick and get yourself onto this stuff which is practically like a more thick and concentrated version of all balms I have ever tried. This stuff really works and almost instantly at that so you will notice a punch of hydration from first application.

Paula's Choice Lip Perfecting Exfoliant ($23)
This lip exfoliator gently scrubs the lips with micro-beads for a smooth and softened pout. Sometimes we need to scrub off all those dead skin cells and start with a fresh new layer, as gross as that sounds, whatever it takes to get perfect looking lipstick right. This formulation is non-irritating which is quite important for me since I can have sensitive lips at times. A great option for polishing your lips to be super smooth.

Paula's Choice Anti-Aging Lip Gloss ($28)
If fine lines around the mouth are a concern for you then this product is well worth the purchase. It has a whopping SPF 40 making it the perfect Summer choice for days spent lounging around the beach (your lips need protection from the sun too). This product is also available in a sheer pink shade if you want it to double as an everyday lip colour as well as gloss.

So those are my go-to products to care for my lips, especially for those moments in Winter when you feel like they are beyond repair.

Thanks for reading!