Monday, September 21, 2015


We have all been there, rummaging through our lip liner drawer for underneath our lipstick shade only to find you don't have a perfect match. But what if there was one product to suit all lip colours?

Introducing my new go-to lip liner, a one size fits all invisible colour that lines the lips and creates a barrier that effectively stops feathering. I run you through the concept behind this product; the good, the bad and my product recommendations.

The best part is that there is no thinking involved, especially no comparing hues of pink and saying stuff like "no this one is too shimmery for my matte lipstick". It's completely clear so doesn't affect the colour but still does the job of a lip liner. There is no way I can justify buying a draw full of lip liner just so I have the perfect match for every lip colour, this is a much more practical solution. 

In terms of creating a crisp outline such as for a red lip, this product probably isn't your best bet and you would be better off with a normal coloured liner. 

My first pick is the Mary Kay "Clear" Lip Linerwhich retails for $18. This product is available online or through Mary Kay consultants. You can read more about this product and purchase it here.

My second recommendation is the Innoxa "Invisible" Lip Shaper priced at $14.95. This product is available online or in Myer/Priceline. You can read more about this product and purchase it here.

Both are fantastic options at an affordable price so I would recommend either but I slightly prefer the Mary Kay product because it has a more precise application.

Thanks for reading!