Friday, September 18, 2015


Mary Kay are back with their creamy lip sensations boasting six new shades with something for everyone including corals, nudes, pinks and reds.

If lipsticks look familiar it might be because I posted a review and swatches on a previous collection - check it out here. My most memorable shade from the collection so far is definitely the MAC Rebel dupe.

I love the selection of colours within this range because there is a great mix of brights and more understated shades.

Sparkling rose is a dusty pink mauve with a gold glitter throughout
Magenta Chill is the brightest pop of colour out of the bunch, a bright and juicy watermelon pink with multicolored glitter that
Coral Bliss is a beautiful bright coral with a pink base to it so that it is very wearable.
Exotic Mango is a brown nude with a red undertone and bright shimmer that makes it look like liquid gold.
Subtly You is a pale flesh toned nude that swatches so sheer that it is more like a tinted lip balm with flecks of glitter.
Flamenco Red is an eye catching ruby red, I'm talking "there's no place like home" sparkly shoe red. I really wish this particular shade had more pigmentation because an opaque version of the colour would be out of this world.

As you can tell from the swatches below, these shades apply quite sheer almost as if they are a jelly balm version of a lipstick. This is great because they are a fuss-free and great everyday colours but if you are looking for a bold lip, this is not the collection for you.

I think these are a fab option if you are someone who doesn't mind reapplying your lip colour so you prefer more hydrating and slightly tinted lipsticks rather than a bold matte shade.

These retail for $28 and are available here. These are in the middle of the price spectrum, cheaper than high end alternatives but slightly more pricey than some products in the drugstore.

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