Friday, September 25, 2015


I am huge on preventative skincare and incorporating anti-aging products into my routine but eye creams always go under the radar in my bathroom and I seem to skip that step in my skincare regime.

Here I have three eye creams that I have taken from under my sink and I am striving to use one of these every day. But I am not doing too well because as I write this I realised I haven't applied my night cream for the night...I need to set an alarm or something to remember. 

Elastiderm Eye Treatment Gel ($53)
I only recently started using this product but let me tell you, it does not mess around. I am always so skeptical about pricey eye creams because it concerns me how much I would have spent if I didn't see results. This treatment aims to restore elasticity, increasing firmness and lifting eye area. The gel formulation gives it a cooling sensation and luxe feeling on the skin. This product is in the high price range for skincare so it isn't something you buy without thinking about it first.

Indeed Laboratories Eyesilix ($34.95)
This is the eye cream that I have tried and tested for the longest so I can give a more detailed opinion on this one. It's point of difference comes from the fact that it is a 10 peptide eye cream (bonding amino acids) which work as an active ingredient. It seems to be more comparable to really thick face cream than to a lot of eye creams that are quite distinguishable by their formulation. For that reason I think it is great if your main focus is hydrating the area and lifting the appearance of tired eyes. With prolonged use you will start to see a tired eye area looking more alert.

Optiva Radiance Boosting Eye Balm ($22)
This is a great option if you have oily skin because it is extremely lightweight and sinks into the skin immediately. Again, if you are after something more heavy duty then the Obagi product is probably your best option as that stuff is serious business. I do think this is a great everyday product for hydrating and helping replenish the area. This is the most affordable option out of the three so a great place to start if you are only just getting into eye creams and want to experiment with what is on the market.

These  eye creams are going to particularly suit certain skin tones and that will help you decide which is the best option for you. The Elastiderm option is perfect if you have quite oily skin and don't like the feel of rich and creamy products. Eyesilix is the perfect in-between price where it has ingredients that actively work to make a difference and the creamy formulation is great for normal and dry skin. The Optiva option is affordable and accessible - perfect for just starting our or if you are on a budget and looking for a cheaper alternative.

Thanks for reading!