Friday, October 16, 2015


I am coming up to the two year mark of being a full time blogger and it has inspired me to share some things I have learned along the way.

With every post I shape and transform the way I write blog posts and a lot has changed since I first started out. So here are three things to think about if you are a blogger yourself. 

I would also definitely recommend giving this post a read, it's all about how I blog everyday and always have fresh content up on the blog. 

Now let's get into the tips...

Have a descriptive title
The title is what gets your content read after all, so it makes sense to have it be as descriptive as possible. I like to name posts describing how many products I'm talking about, the purpose, the price range etc. An example of this is something like "3 high end lipsticks for Spring" - you have described how many products you will be talking about (so whether it's a short of long post), the price range for the products and what purpose the post has (in this case it's Spring lipstick recommendations). 

Link products and include prices 
If you are raving about a product then it is most likely someone reading will be interested in following it up and possibility purchasing it for themselves. Save all of your readers a little time by spending your own time to find the prices and link where you can purchase the product from. It also makes your blog a one stop shop where readers know they will be able to find out endless amounts of information and be pointed in the right direction. 

Social media is your best friend 
You have put all the hard work and effort into writing a post that you're really proud of so head over to social media and share it. This is one aspect you just can't be lazy with and I personally know how hard it is to promote every single post, I have a minimum of 5 blog posts and 2 videos to promote throughout the week so it can be very time consuming. I highly recommend scheduling services such as hootsuite or even Facebook scheduling so if you are super prepared you can have all the links punched in and ready to be advertised before the post is even published. 

Those are my three tips and I hope you have found them helpful! I am already planning on writing a follow up post with three additional tips I have in my head so keep an eye out for that. 

Thanks for reading!