Monday, October 19, 2015


Las Vegas surpassed all of my expectations that I had of the city. I instantly fell in love with the grandeur of the architecture, twinkling lights and vibrancy through the streets of Vegas. 

Everything was bigger and more impressive than I has imagined so I ended up walking through the Vegas strip for hours. There are endless shopping locations, hundreds of food options and interesting touristy stores like the Hershey's shop or MnM world - all within walking distance of the hotel. Everywhere I turned, be it day or night, there was something that took my breath away. The sheer amount of lit up buildings and billboards is enough to rival Times Square in NYC and the novelty of each themed hotel was amazing because of all the details. A standout is definitely the New York themed hotel complete with pretzel and hotdog stands inside. Caesar's Palace was also amazing because during the day you felt like you were in the ancient buildings of Rome.

I stayed at Paris Hotel and Casino which was Parisian themed complete with its very own Eiffel Tower. Inside the hotel transports you into the streets of Europe with blue and cloud painted ceilings and extravagant fashion stores in the hotel lobby. It was an amazing experience staying right on the strip in such a beautiful hotel and it definitely was a great time in Vegas. I can not wait to go back!

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