Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The highly coveted EOS lip spheres have topped wish lists for years, with Aussies only recently having access to them, but could this be a dupe?

Despite always being accessible on eBay, only recently have their prices dropped from about $30 each egg to a more reasonable $15. The best place to purchase them is Costco where they sell packs of 4 for something like $25.

The dupe in question is from a brand called Revo and there is no doubt that the lip balm they product is heavily inspired by the original EOS. The question is whether or not it can compare when it comes to the quality.

There is no denying that the feel of an EOS balm is much more luxurious with a soft and velvet touch encasing compared to the stock standard plastic feel. The shape itself is very comparable, the same unique rounded egg with the only different being the EOS packaging is a little stubbier. The EOS packaging also has a little grip section on the side for easier opening which is a nice touch.

So this is a tricky topic because in the US, the EOS spheres are actually a better deal at $3.29 compared to Revo being $4.95. However, Australia is a different case where Revo works out to be a slightly better deal considering their more affordable shipping options.

Both EOS and Revo have similar scent selection of about eight fruity options. Despite only having one of the Revo balms, I have to admit that I prefer the delicious Watermelon scent to any other of the EOS ones I have. It's a less artificial scent which is why I think I prefer it.

However, the Revo balm has a flattened top while the EOS sphere has a rounded applicator and the winner is definitely EOS in that case. The rounded top makes it much easier to apply and is more aesthetically pleasing as well.

You will notice that all EOS balms have the same milky white colour to them while the Revo balms are coloured. Despite this, they both have a clear finish on the lips so there is not much difference in that regard.

Both balms tick the box of being hydrating and smoothing on the lips but they do have their differences. EOS is a lox more waxy and long lasting while Revo is slightly more thin in consistency and lightweight. Both contain no SPF.

The result is that it comes down to personal preference of packaging, colour, application and the finish on the lips. My personal favourite would actually have to be the Revo balm for the product itself but EOS for the packaging and application.

Thanks for reading!