Wednesday, October 7, 2015


When you visit LA one of the places you must stop by if you love shopping is Rodeo Drive! I'm actually back in LA right now and am so tempted to visit this amazing shopping destination for a third time this trip.

It is shopping heaven where you have all of your favourite brands in the one place. It's not only about the luxury products you can pick up, but the entire surrounding area is so aesthetically beautiful that it is an afternoon well spent wandering the streets and admiring the architectural beauty of the place.

With rows of palm trees that never seem to end and gold plated doors - everywhere you turn there is something fascinating to look at. I share my experience in photos below, I hope they give an insight into what this area of LA is like!

If you follow me on social media @JordyCannon you would have seen me share my first The Cheesecake Factory Experience where I had an incredible guacamole salad. I can not recommend it enough!

Let's just say that if I lived in LA and could afford to shop here often, it would be my favourite hang out. The sunshine on your face while walking around shopping is bound to make anyone happy, even a grumpy boyfriend you might be shopping with.

See what I got up to for the rest of the day in my vlog here.

Thanks for reading!