Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sammy is one of the faces behind BOE Beauty and BOE Professional, both brands with products that I adore. She works so incredibly hard on the brands, something that I have seen first hand, so it was obvious to have her be part of 'in front of the lens' a series dedicated to successful women. 

In this post you are going to get a behind the scenes look into Sammy's career, what she has learned along the way and some advice that she has to share with you lovely ladies. This one is a must read so enough rambling from me and let's get into what Sammy has to say.

How did you decide on the career path you wanted to follow? 
Ever since I was 12 I wanted to be working with cosmetics and skincare, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with it but I wanted to help make the world more beautiful. I started off attending beauty school, I started from the bottom up, my passion opened doors and I am now doing what I love every single day.

What is your favourite part about your role at Vanilla Sugar?
Definitely my role diversity, although I am the PR and Marketing Manager I also assist with developing new products, choosing colours, naming products and forecasting trends.

What do you find most challenging about the field you work in? 
When I first started in the cosmetics industry there wasn’t as many brands and products as there are now. I would say that the diversity of brands is quite challenging in marketing these days, as I know our products are amazing and just want the world to try them! It is a bit challenging getting the word out with so much competition out there. I could also do with about 8 more hours in my day. That would be delightful! What are your 3 must have beauty products on the job? Hand Cream, Lipstick, Mascara

What is your favourite product that you have helped create from BOE Beauty or BOE Professional?
This is a tough one! I swear by our boe professional base primer. The formulation is absolutely beautiful and really helps prolong the life of my foundation. Especially being inside at a desk all day. I worked very closely with our factory to ensure this was a real winning product.
Could you explain the point of difference between BOE Beauty and BOE Professional? 
 Boe beauty was first developed for Big W as their very own “home branded” cosmetics range. So it is the Models Prefer of Big W. They wanted a $2 range that was affordable but not cheap and nasty. The range took off really well and was soon transformed from your staple every day colours to grab & go, on trend cosmetics that we refresh every 3 months with something new and exciting. This is our “fun” brand. Then in 2014 we launched Big W’s more premium range “boe professional”. Boe professional is your go-to everyday cosmetics range created with the beauty guru in mind. A more niche range specialising in professional type products to be loved without the hefty price tag, Our prices for boe professional range from $4.95 - $14.95 making it super affordable without compromising on the quality.

Do you have any advice for women who might be graduating their degree or looking to break into the workforce?
Passion. It’s actually that simple. Do what you love every single day, start from the bottom up. Grow your network and put love into everything that you do. The results truly pay off and waking up in the morning to do something that you are passionate about is half the battle won.

You have also recently launched your own personal blog Bare Beauty. What inspired you to make this move and how are you finding blogging so far? 
Having worked in PR for 10 years now and liaising and building relationships with beauty editors I always wanted to take a leaf out of their books and share my knowledge and passion for all things product. When an opportunity arose for me to create my own website I jumped at the chance. I have been working on bare beauty for 6 months now and I am really excited to share with readers an inside-out approach to the wonderful world that is beauty. It’s a really enjoyable yet challenging way for me to reach out to the public with a completely different insight. So far I have been attending lots of design courses to make sure that bare beauty is on constantly trend and looking fabulous.

You can get to know Sammy better by checking out her blog here. BOE Beauty and BOE Professional products are available from Big W.

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