Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Imaging waking up and looking like you already have mascara on or cutting a good 5 minutes out of your makeup routine because your eyes are already enhanced...eyelash extensions make this a reality.  

While eyelash extensions have been around for years and years, I only got my first set on earlier this year. After just having my second experience with eyelash extensions I wanted to share my thoughts on them and hopefully help out some of you who may be on the fence about getting them done.

I'm going to talk you through my two experiences and let you know my overall thoughts on this quickly rising beauty treatment. 

I remember the first time I heard about eyelash extensions I was about 15 and working in a hairdressing salon when a customer came in with the longest and most luscious lashes I had ever seen. Through conversation it came to my attention that they were eyelash extensions, a term that I had not heard up until that point. I loved the idea of them put for some reason put them in the "too hard" basket where I thought they were too lavish for me to ever indulge in.

First Experience
So fast forward about 4 years and there I was having my first set put on - nervous and a little worried at what could happen (infection horror stories circling in my mind). After all your eyes are super sensitive and the thought of putting glue near them was scary at first. Below is a look at the before and after of my first set of lashes. I had them done at Vanity Makeup and Lashes in Ascot Brisbane by the beautiful Daniela ( It took about two hours to apply the Glamour full set and I instantly fell in love with them and how they made my life so easy. My lashes had never been more long and defined it was like I was wearing the best mascara of my life that never rubbed off. They lasted for a solid 3 weeks before they started noticeably falling out. 

Second Experience
Then there was my experience just last week where I headed over to Lash Me Gorgeous in Taringa and had a plush classic set applied by the amazing Cassie. She made my lashes look thick, full and lengthened with a flirty flick at the end. Cassie got my lashes to around 100% meaning that every individual lash was paired with an extension - no wonder they looked so full and plush. I would liken this set to wearing a pair of Ardell Demi's with that flirty little lift at the end. This set took around 3.5 hours to apply and that includes the time it took to go through and count them as well as overlap a few for extra drama. You can book appointments through the website here.

The Benefits
Eyelash extensions are like wearing really well placed individual lashes but without the glue and occasional lash going in an awkward direction. It is amazing to wake up feeling like you already look pepped up a bit since your eyes are defined by big long lashes. No mascara required and you feel like you can chuck on a BB cream and some brows then head out the door. 

The Cost
The two sets that I have had put on were around the same price and will cost you approximately $150 to have them put on and then $80 to have them refilled every 3 weeks. There is now way to sugar coat it- these are an expensive investment and one that you will need to keep up with around once a month. The yearly cost for these lovely lashes is around 1.5k if you had a full set put on and then paid for the refills each 3 weeks. I would say it is a pretty great beauty investment and for me I think it is worth it. But if you are on a budget then they would be great for special occasions like a wedding, holiday or graduation. 

So that is my experience with eyelash extensions. The first time I became too busy and was travelling too often where I wasn't able to maintain them with refills but this time I already have my second appointment booked for 2 weeks time. Overall I think they are great because I have had nothing but amazing experiences so if you can afford them then go for it.

Thanks for reading!