Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I was strolling the aisles of Target in LA when this incredible palette caught my eye! I can not believe I hadn't even heard of it until that point. 

In my defense though I do think it is a fairly new product to the US as they still had their promotional displays for it up. Point being that this palette is so up my ally and a colour scheme that I gravitate towards that I was extremely excited to discover it. So this post is all about talking you through this palette to see if it's something you might want to purchase and getting you Aussies prepared for when this palette comes to Australia!

I'm not going to do a comparison post between this palette and the original The Nudes palette because I plan on doing that in a future post. So for now it's all about analyzing this palette to help you decide if it's something you want to add to your collection or not. 

This palette is infused with rose gold pigments and offers a series of light lid colours along with plum and rose hues. There is a good selection of shades where there are enough lid and crease colour options for many different looks. I say this because sometimes there are too many darker shades which makes the palette difficult to use for day looks. The top row of this palette is a got- for a pretty and subtle daily lid look then you can start blending in some of the darker options in the second row to transition the look to night. Maybelline have an awesome colour guide on their website splitting this palette up into duos, trios and quads to help with colour pairings. This palette has a lot of sparkle and metallic shadows with no mattes. The shades that come closest to looking matte are more likely a satin finish because they still have a glowy sheen to them. 

The pigmentation of this palette is sort of hit and miss with some shades being true to colour of how they look in the pan and others being a lot more subtle. An example of this is the stunning dark rose gold on the end of the second row. This swatches as a light rose colour rather than the deep berry hue it looks in the pan. With some of these colours you can create quite a deep sultry look but for the most part it is a great everyday palette since the colours aren't overly bold.

I go back and forth with my opinion on the length of wear of these shadows because sometimes my eye makeup will last all day when other times it will be faded by lunch time so I think it really depends on the colours just like the original The Nudes palette. Overall I would say it is an average lasting power similar to that of most Maybelline shadows and unfortunately not a comparable staying power to something like the Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

When this product arrives on Australian shores it will likely retail for full price $25.95 like the original The Nudes palette does. I hate to say it but that is quite steep for something from Maybelline, an affordable drugstore brand. But a great option compared to the pricey high end palettes.

So overall I think this is a pretty great eyeshadow palette if you are looking for something affordable but if extremely high quality and long lasting eyeshadows are your priority then you are better off looking in the high end or at the Maybelline Molten Shadows because they are a bit better than those shades in the palette. It is a little bit of a pity since I love the colour scheme so much but it slightly missed the mark for pigmentation and longevity.

Thanks for reading!