Friday, November 20, 2015


From the brand that has brought such cult classic products to the market such as Velour Lips and the AC On Tour Highlighting and Contouring Kit – Australis  is celebrating the launch of their new tanning line, ‘Rapid Tan’.

The idea behind the tanning products is to provide the ideal base for your beauty routine, that being a flawless sun kissed glow. Introducing Rapid Tan, the newest fake tanner on the block and also one of the most unique. 

Rapid Tan offers a purple base formulation which is something that has never before been so readily accessible or at such a great price point. This particular base is perfect for those with olive and European skin tones. It is usually a salon exclusive undertone but Australis is making it easily accessible and affordable to the Australian market. Also available is the chocolate base, perfect for fair skin. What I love about this range is that it has kept in mind all skin tones and catered for everyone, offering two undertones to ensure anyone can achieve the perfect tan.

Rapid Tan works for creating a perfectly even complexion that is streak-free. You apply the tan using the ‘No Glove, No Love’ mitts (we will get into this a bit later) and leave it to sit for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the intensity of tan you are looking for. Leaving this product on for one hour will leave you with a light tan, two hours creates a medium tan and 3 hours gives a dark tan. Once you have washed off the tan it will continue to develop for another 6-8 hours.

How amazing is this?! No sitting around in sticky tan for hours on end, but instead being able to wash off in 1-3 hours and have the formulation continue to work its magic in the hours after. This makes it perfect for self-tanning before an event, when you have made last minute plans or even just getting on with your busy day and having tanning be made quick and easy for you.

Now let’s get into the consistency of Rapid Tan. It is a mousse formulation which is my personal favourite method of application because I feel like it gives the most even and streak free finish. Rapid Tan seamlessly glides onto the skin to create a beautiful rich tan that looks natural. It is a fast drying formulation, so you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to set. It has hydrating elements to it so that it doesn’t dry out your skin. I also noticed that Rapid Tan has quite a pleasant scent without the typical “tan smell”.

I was shocked at the amazing quality and effectiveness of the tanning mitts. The ‘No Glove, No Love’ pack contains 3 different mitts, one for tan application on the body, another for the face and an exfoliating mitt to help remove the tan afterwards. They have thought of everything! The material of the tanning gloves is incredibly interesting being made from a unique micro-sponge which is washable and reusable.

Overall I think this is an incredibly addition to the Australis product line and there are so many new and interesting aspects to this tanning range that I have not seen elsewhere. I love the option of a purple undertone because it looks really natural. I also love how customisable the product is depending on how much time you have to tan and how dark you want your finish to be.

The Rapid Tan Mousse retails for $22.99 which makes it an affordable option with great results. I would highly recommend you check out the Australis website  for more information and try this new tanning product for yourself. As the warmer weather is in full swing, Rapid Tan provides the perfect streak free sun kissed look. 

To share the Rapid Tan fun, I have teamed up with Nuffnang and Australis to offer a giveaway of 3 Rapid Tan Packs for three lucky winners. The prize pack will include the tanning product specifically targeted for your skin tone and a mitt pack.

Simply head over to my Instagram @JordyCannon and leave a comment on the photo letting me know what product you would like to try from this Australis tanning range and you will have a shot at winning. Good luck!

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