Friday, November 27, 2015



When Sephora online launched in Australia I saw that one of the new brands being stocked was NudeStix, something I had never heard about.

The concept intrigued me, especially their lip and cheek set because I love the idea of multipurpose products that save space in your everyday makeup bag and are perfect for travel. So are these worth adding to your cart during your next Sephora order?

The colours included in this set are Whisper, Mystic and Satan. Be careful because on the website they say it includes a shade called Sin but instead you are giving Whisper. What I love about this range of colours is that they really all can be used on both the cheeks and lips. I find a lot of the time that multipurpose products work well on the lips or on the cheeks but never really work for both. But these particular colours look gorgeous as blush colours or on the lips.
Whisper is the lightest of all shades, a pastel baby pin that is mostly matte in formulation.  Pictured as the first swatch in the photo above.

Mystic is a slightly darker nude with a plum undertone and has a sheen to it.  Pictures as the second swatch in the photo above.

Satan is a rich cherry red with a matte formulation that makes for a bold lip colour or can be used very lightly on the cheeks for a rosy glow. This particular Cheek + Lip Pencil is significantly shorter than the other three for some reason. It may be because you need less of this product whereas the nude pencils you can generously apply without it looking too much. I am a little bit confused though since the photo on Sephora shows them all the same size and indicates that each stick is the same weight.

The set is quite affordable costing just $31 for 3 NudeStix. This works out to be just over $10 for each product not including the tin or sharpener that the set comes with.

I love the amazing hard case that the products come in because it is a really cool way to store the products or you can use it to store bits and pieces. The tin itself is beautiful, covered in interesting artwork and fun colours.

So would I recommend this set? Well I would because I enjoy the products but I was left with a lot of questions regarding the sizing of the pencils and some colours being swapped with others. I'm not sure if the listing and photo is wrong or I just got a faulty set.

You can purchase this product from Sephora online for $31.

Thanks for reading!