Friday, November 13, 2015


Up until recently I have been rubbing my hands raw washing my brushes religiously each Sunday but have since found the Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Glove.

I might be being dramatic when I say that this thing has changed my life, well at least brought back the life in my hands. Instead of swirling thick kabuki brushes around on my palm I now have an efficient and effective rubber mitt to do all the hard work. 

This glove gives you four alternative methods of washing your brushes each with different surfaces; rinse, wash, refine and refine plus. The way that I like to wash my brushes is by starting out on the wash section with my brush cleanser, moving down to the refine section then rinsing off and finishing up with the rinse section. 

I really like how the rinse section is strategically placed at the top, avoiding any brush soap from flowing down into your brush while you try and rinse it. I can't say that I use the rinse plus option very much, if at all, but I do like that it is there because hey, options are good. 

This newest glove release is simpler and more affordable than it's predecessor glove so I much prefer it out of the two. This retails for $25 US which is quite a reasonable price for a product that will last you forever. You can purchase it here.

I would recommend this product because it isn't gimmicky or a waste of money - it really does serve a great purpose and has made brush washing a lot easier for me. 

Let us also just take a moment to mention how beautiful the Sigma 5th anniversary brushes are - the rose gold is to die for.

Thanks for reading!