Thursday, November 12, 2015


So Summer is just around the corner and you want tone up a bit? Maybe even lose a few kilos? Well I'm here to help kick start that goal with these 5 tips on ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

These are simple tips to get you in the right direction if you are feeling a little bit lost and not sure where to start.

1. Sign up to an activity
The best way to force yourself to start moving your body regularly is to sign up to an activity of some sort whether it be Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp training in the park, self defense or joining a sport.  Putting some finance behind your fitness will motivate you to actually partake in the activities since you paid for it after all right? So you don't want to waste your money! Most importantly though it forces you to attend at certain days and times so you can't keep putting it off. I personally love my membership to a Yoga/Pilates studio.

2. Follow a guide or start a detox
The best way to set yourself up for success is having something to keep you on track, a guide or a system. Fad diets are so 2015 so you want something that is going to focus on health and having a more active lifestyle. Jordy's Fitness has released a series of eBook guides to kick start your healthy lifestyle including the 7 Day Guide and 5 Day Detox. If snacking and eating junk if your problem then 10 Tips To Tackle Temptation will definitely help you kick the habit. Something a bit more intense is the Beach Body Program which will get you Summer body ready.

3. Go bread-less or meat-less
Instead of having a sandwich for lunch packed full of cheese, meat and wrapped in bread opt for a salad getting rid of the bread or a salad sandwich getting rid of the animal products. Little swaps like this will see you feeling lighter and working towards being healthier.

4. Cook more at home
when you eat out you lose the ability to know what exactly is in your food. When you cook at home you have control over how much oil you add, if something is baked or fried etc. If you make food for yourself you are also more likely to make it healthy rather than just ordering what sounds good on a menu. I have a whole library catalogue of lean vegetarian and vegan recipes over on my fitness blog

These are the things that work best for me so I hope you can take some inspiration from this and it can help you with your fitness goals.

Thanks for reading!