Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Let's face it (literally) it can be hard to find motivation to remove your makeup every night. These are some removal methods to keep in mind for NYE to ensure you don't leave on your glitter eyeshadow and lip colour

I find that switching up the removal method regularly and giving myself options really helps me to make sure I remove all of my makeup before bed.

Not removing your makeup can lead to a host of problems; clogging pores and even triggering acne. So making sure you scrub off all that leftover foundation is essential for maintaining clear and healthy skin. I have three different ways to remove your makeup and they are all extremely easy and straightforward ways that don't require scrubbing your face with a cleansing brush for 5 minutes or busting out a face scrub. In fact two of these methods can be done from bed, you can't beat that.

1. Cleansing Oil
This magical potion has transformed my skincare routine and made removing my makeup as simple as pumping out some of this oil and rubbing it into my face. I like doing applying this in the shower because I can rinse it off easily and mess free then follow up with a cleanser if I want a really deep clean. This method can be made super easy though by simply rubbing it in and using a warm face cloth to wipe it off - no scrubbing necessary.

2. Cleansing Water
There are many options of this out of the market and I actually use a large variety of them. I wanted to showcase this Sukin one though since I love the concept behind it being as natural as possible. This is a product that you can leave on your nightstand with a few cotton balls and in less than a minute have all of your makeup removed. For a proper cleanse I like washing my face after using this but for simply removing your makeup this is an incredible option.

3. Face Wipes
Facial cleansing wipes have to be the easiest way ever of removing your makeup. After all you only have to take a wipe from the packet, rub it around on your face and then you are done. It is crucial to find a wipe that works for you so things to look out for are if they effectively remove all of your makeup, leave the skin smooth and don't tug on the skin especially the delicate eye area.

Those are my top 3 fool proof ways of removing your makeup that are so simple you have no excuse to ever fall asleep with a face of makeup on again.

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Thanks for reading!