Friday, December 18, 2015


I had heard about the LÓreal True Match foundation for years but for some reason never tried it for myself. That was until I went to the US where it is $8 USD a bottle there so I just had to pick one up to try.

I guess the reason I had never tried this before was that I get so hung up on my favourite foundations that I don't really branch out much. That has officially changed though because after falling in love with this one, I don't have that fear of trying new foundations which I once had (it was more worried it would be a waste of time, money etc. when I already had holy grail foundations I loved). 

In this review I am talking you through my thoughts on this US version - the formulation, coverage, colour range, longevity and packaging. 

The Formulation
I absolutely adore the creamy consistency of this foundation because it is so easy to blend and apply. I also love the finish that is gives because it is a very natural - mostly matte but with a bit of a glow. This particular formulation also includes titanium dioxide sunscreen for a broad spectrum SPF 17.

The Coverage
I would say that this is defintley a medium to full coverage foundation and is definitely buildable so it will cover most to all discolouration or problem areas if you layer it up. The great thing about this foundation is that it doesn't often go cakey, unless I pair it with a very chalky finishing powder. I often like to go without setting the foundation though because the coverage and finish is perfect on its own. 

The Colour Range
I am so obsessed with the US method of colouring because they have three categories; neutral, warm and cool. This means you can go straight to the section of your undertone and don't have to toss up between 3 colours that look the same in the bottle. I went with neutral because I find some foundations are too pink on me and others too orangey so I usually like a nice middle ground that I find in neutral colourings. I am in the shade "Classic Ivory" if you were curious. 

The Longevity
I find that I can apply this foundation in the morning and it will still look decent when I come home in the afternoon or evening. It definitely has a great lasting power that I don't find a lot of in the drugstore. It doesn't oxidize or change colour throughout the day so that is another huge tick of approval from me. 

The Packaging
I was actually chatting to a Priceline employee about how this used to be the Australian packaging for True Match years and years ago. It is interesting that we now have the pump bottles whiel the US still have these little screw cap ones. I do find it slightly difficult getting product out but it isn't too much to complain about. A pump would make life a little bit easier though. 

Overall I am seriously impressed with this foundation and I am already deciding how I am going to get the US bottles to me here in Australia. Another trip to LA maybe? Joking but in all seriousness I am going to have to savour this little bottle and see how the Australian formulation compares.

Thanks for reading!