Thursday, December 17, 2015


There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and lighting a beautiful relaxing candle to help you wind down for the night. Pair that with a face mask and you have bliss.

Candles are the perfect gift during the holiday season because they are a luxury item that perhaps that person doesn't treat themselves to. When I first saw the meme "shopping for adult females be like" showing Oprah with the words "and you get a candle, and you get a candle" it was too real. Candles are a fantastic present especially when they are as adorable as three miniature glasshouse candles in a collectors box.

I'm going to tell you now, I don't know one woman in my life who dislikes candles. Because they are freaking awesome! Glasshouse tends to be one of my absolute favourites and I always gravitate to their candles because of how potent the scents are. Sometimes I walk passed a shop in a shopping center and immediately recognize the scent. This happens a lot in Peter Alexander where I will walk in and am instantly enjoying the incredibly aroma of the candle burning. At this point I am usually also trying to convince myself not to buy it.
The set comes with three beautiful miniature candles based on destinations and are also some of the most popular scents from Glasshouse. They have provided a good mix between sweet and fruity so that there is something for everyone and the person receiving it is bound to like at least one or more of the scents. Sort of a three is better than one scenario when you aren't familiar enough with the person to risk purchasing one of the full sized scents.

Bora Bora is described as cilantro and orange zest. This is a great light scent for entertaining areas because it is very breezy and fresh.

Coney Island is labelled as burnt sugar and fig. It is definitely a great option for those who love sweet scents and like a very warm homely scent for their bedroom.

Montego Bay is coconut and lime. This scent is actually a lot sweeter than I originally thought it would be and I would describe it as a coconut and lime dessert rather than something like a tropical cocktail.
The classic white and gold packaging is beautiful and could definitely be re-purposed after they have started burning the candles and no longer need it as storage for them.

The candles are miniature but still reasonably sized at 60g each. These would be perfect for the bathroom or your desk where you might not have a lot of bench space. The set retails for $46.95 working out to be just over $15 per candle. It is a great deal considering to purchase each of these candles individually they are nearly $19 each.

That has been yet another adorable gift set for gifting this holiday season to friends and family. Something at this price point is also fantastic for a Secret Santa where the budget is around $50. You can purchase this product here

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