Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I have quite the collection of Australis Velour Lips and it's because they are such great value for money and really high quality. 

In this post we are talking about the new range of shades that Australis have just introduced and I am in love. Three of these are perfect for the currently sunny season but the two darker shades will be gorgeous come Fall and Winter. Either way I love the unique range of colours that they have been coming out with lately. They are really daring and fun without having to turn to a higher end brand where the prices aren't always within the makeup budget.

If you aren't familiar with Velourlips they are comparable to a lot of lip paints like the OCC Lip Tar in the way that they go on as a smooth opaque liquid and dry matte. They are a long lasting lip product option for times when you want something that is going to stay put for most of the day.

Now let's get into discussing these new colour offerings.
"Los-Angel-Es" is a light bubblegum pink. This particular colour can accentuate the lines in your lips so it does help to put some lip balm on first.

"Bae-Jing" looks really similar to the light bubblegum pink from the tube but it swatches as a darker pink with hints of mauve.

"San-Fran-Disco" is a vibrant bright cherry red. I love that they now have this this classic red option because whenever I want to go with red lips I always look for a long lasting product like this that won't move around.

"Mum-Bai" is a deep grey black colour with a wine purple undertone. This kind of colour is definitely not for the faint of heart because despite not being entirely black it is still incredibly bold.

"Mel-Burn" is slightly more stark being a grey black without the wine undertone that "Mum-Bai" has.

These retail for $10.49 and are available from anywhere that stocks Australis including Priceline, Target and Kmart. They definitely are great value for money considering there isn't an abundance of products like this available in the drugstore and you often have to turn to high end alternatives. Even the long wearing lip product options available within the drugstore are often around $20.

Out of both the pinks I would recommend "Bae-Jing" and out of the dark shades I would recommend "Mum-Bai" as they are both the more wearable options.

Thanks for reading!