Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Your skin can go either way in the Summer - extra oily or extra dry because of the heat. I have put together three products that keep my skin balanced and clear throughout this season. 

I have a good mix of hydrating and cleansing products here so that there is a product to suit all skin types. There is also something for every budget as I have included; a really affordable option, a product in the middle pricing range and one more luxury item. If you have quite oily skin then you might prefer to use a toner more often in your skincare routine to help with the oil levels whereas if you have dry skin you may want to nourish your skin with more hydrating products. 

Real-U Cleanse - Gentle Foaming Wash ($15)
You know the squeaky clean feeling you get from some cleansers to the point where your skin feels unusually tight? For the most part I hate that feeling so look for alternatives that gently cleanse my skin leaving it clean but not tight. This product is perfectly PH balanced to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy. You can purchase this product from the Real U website here.

ASI Pure Potent C All-Day Hydration ($59.95)
In Summer you never know when your skin is going to be thirsty for some moisture. In between swimming in chlorinated pools and taking a dip in salty oceans the natural moisture levels of your skin can easily be disrupted. This is a product that you can use anywhere and anytime as much as you like. It aims to rehydrate and restore the skin by penetrating the deeper layers rather than just the surface. You can purchase this product from the Brazilian Beauty website here.
Obagi Toner ($49.95)
As someone with quite dry skin it is important for my to have a toner that is quite hydrating and since Obagi have a product range specifically catered towards dry skin it is my idea of heaven. This means that the level 2 toner I have still aims to restore the skin's natural PH balance without drying out the skin. With that being said there are other levels of this toner depending on your skin type. I also love that this product can be used for both morning or night because it is so gentle.
Those are my top three skin products during the Summer season and the items I find myself reaching for most in this hot weather. Other than mists of course because those are an absolute essential (see some of my favourites in my "Setting the look and keeping it in place" article here).

I get along with these products very nicely during the warmer weather and if you have dry skin but it becomes a bit more temperamental around this season (also known as random oiliness here and there) then these products will help you a lot. 

Thanks for reading!