Friday, January 22, 2016


I have said this from the beginning, the brushes you use to apply your makeup have a huge impact on the finished result. Especially when it comes to eyeshadow where blending and precise application is crucial.

I have carefully picked through my everyday eye brushes and narrowed it down to the top three that I adore and am constantly using for my eye makeup. If you are just starting out with makeup or simply have not had much luck in the eye brushes department then these three options are must haves for you. These are all brushes you can afford on a budget because none of these are high end or going to break the bank.

1. Furless ME3 Blending Crease Brush
If you are looking for a fluffy blending brush then look no further, this rivals the MAC 217 in terms of seamlessly feathering out eyeshadow. It has a similar long bristled head that feathers out towards the end. This gives lots of flexibility for moving the brush around without much effort and the feathered bristles on top pick up and blend shadow incredibly. This brush is $11.99 and available here.

2. Sedona Lace EB13
Although this may initially look similar to the Furless brush, they are definitely difference and achieve dissimilar results. This brush is extremely dense and thick making it perfect for picking up a lot of product and smudging it all together. I like to use this for the transition colour in an eye look where you want to cover the large area of space of your upper lid, crease and brow bone. It has a rounded dome top so fits great for the shape of your eye, seamlessly blending shadow out towards the ends. This brush is $13.95 and available here.

3. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
I have saved the best for last, this brush is an absolute essential in my makeup bag and everyday brush holder so I even have two of them. I would best describe this as a flat shader brush but it tapers at the to a precise tip perfect for crisp blending. It picks up product incredibly well and packs colour onto the eyelid. This is a versatile everyday brush that I have been using religiously ever since I got it years ago. You can use coupon code QAB322 on for $10 off orders over $20 and $5 off orders over $10. Visit iHerb here to redeem the offer.

Those are my go-to brushes that I think with just these three I could survive. I would highly recommend any or all of these incredible additions to any brush collection.

Thanks for reading!