Thursday, January 21, 2016


They are super messy and have a tendency of going everywhere but mineral eyeshadows are a fantastic way of packing on colour and achieving a creaseless look. Could these be the perfect product for that glitter party eye look?

It was my first time trying out the brand Adorn and I figured why not start with the beautiful shimmery shades for the eyes. Read on to see how I got on with them.

These silky smooth powders have a super finely milled consistency and seamlessly blend onto the eyelids to create soft to the touch eye looks.

As with all collections some shades are quite bold while others are subtle. Below is a colour guide of the four shades that I have.

Graphite is an intricate blend of black, blue and silver reflects. This is the perfect colour to add drama and intensity to a smoky eye look. This shade swatches lighter than it looks in the tub which makes it easier to work with and is buildable.

Obsidian is a golden brown and looks amazing in the crease for an everyday neutral eye look. It has undertones of antiqued gold so would look perfect in a bronze smoky eye. This one is probably my favourite in terms of formulation because it is so buttery smooth.

Invincible is a icy nude frost colour and highlights the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to make everything pop. This shade is quite light so for that reason is very easy to work with.

Pink Pearl is my kind of everyday lid colour, a pale rose gold that compliments any eye colour and reflects beautifully in the light.

The runt of the four shades I own is definitely Graphite as it is much more gritty in consistency and less cooperative when it comes to blending.

My favourite shade is a tie between Obsidian (it is the easiest to blend and most buttery) and Invincible (you can never go wrong with a colour such as this that can be used as a multipurpose highlighting powder).

These shadows retail for $19 and are available from Adorn Cosmetics.

Thanks for reading!