Monday, January 18, 2016


I grew up watching my mum use the likes of Chanel for her makeup so it was a brand at the forefront of my mind when first getting into makeup. The first foundation I ever used was actually the Chanel Mat Lumiere which I continued to use all throughout high school.

If you are only new to the brand it can be quite intimidating and you may not know where to start or which product to go for first. I am hoping to give you some recommendations and inspiration in this post so that you can add more of these lovely luxe products to your makeup collection.

I'm going to be talking; face, eyes, nails and lips in this post so get ready for covering all the bases in this post.

The Base
Starting out with the base products because this is where I first began with their makeup. It is no secret that Chanel foundation are fantastic for the most part and my ultimate favourite is definitely the Mat Lumiere. When I had oily skin it kept a matte finish and now that I have dry skin it provides a lovely velvet texture to the skin.

The pressed powder version of the foundation is out of this world amazing. It is so finely milled and soft on the skin that it's hard to use anything else. The only product I have that compares is the NARS Pressed Foundation. It seamlessly blends into the skin and never looks cakey so I would highly recommend giving it a go.

The eyeshadow is definitely a hit or miss when it comes to Chanel. You can sometimes come across the most gorgeous buttery smooth and pigmented products and other times they are nothing but a few specks of patchy glitter. It's like that with every brand though and I particularly understand it in the case of Chanel which is a brand founded on the idea of subtle beauty and everyday neutral products.

Once again the blushes are quite light and subtle in colour because they are intended as everyday products. So even though this bright pink looks intense and bold, it is actually more of a rosy tint and natural flush to the cheeks. My recommendation is 64 Pink Explosion as the perfect everyday blush shade.

I often find such unique and different shades from Chanel that I don't see available from any other brand. In a lot of cases they also set the nail colour trends and other brands soon follow as seen with their highly acclaimed nail polishes in Graphite and Peridot.
It was a tough decision choosing between Chanel glosses and lipsticks because both are equally as amazing but I ended up choosing my ultimate recommendation. I have raved about the Rouge Coco Shine in "54 Boy" for years so I had to end up going with it as my lip product recommendation.

That's a wrap on my Chanel recommendations. I hope this post has given you some product inspiration and you have added some new items onto your wishlist. 

Thanks for reading!