Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Let's face it fake tanning can be quite the struggle and I have had my fair share of mishaps - orange hands, streaky lines and looking flat out like I rolled in cheetoh dust. 

I've gone through all of that to come out the other side with some ultimate favourites, tried and tested tanner that I can rely on. Hopefully these recommendations can save you a lot of public embarrassment (looking back on high school photos, oh god) and they can work for you.

St. Tropez Foaming Mousse ($34-$40)
Okay so this is my ultimate ride or die tan that I know I can trust 100% so I always use this one for special events because I know it will turn out great. This is a pricey tan no doubt but I truly think it is worth the price because there is something about the colour and formulation that is so natural. I also love the way this applies so flawlessly to the skin giving an airbrushed finish. I use the light colour but this tan is avaliable in a darker shade as well as a few other methods of application such as spray and cream. You can read more and purchase this tan here.

Le Tan in Le Tan Fast Tan Dark Bronzer ($15.49)
This is a recent favourite that I found towards the end of last Summer and it is because Le Tan changed the base of their formulation to green rather than orange toned. If you love spray tans, which I tend to enjoy the cool application during hot Summer days as opposed to scrubbing myself down with a sweaty mitt (wow that really does sum up fake tanning doesn't it lol) then this is a great option for you. You can read more and purchase this tan here.

Salon Tan Foaming Mousse ($10-$20)
This is another great affordable option from the drugstore that won't break the bank but will provide you with a lovely natural tan. This particular formulation is quite dark, perfect for when you want a deep Summer tan. The mousse consistency makes the product very easy to work with, blending for a seamless finish. You can read more and purchase this tan here.

Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturiser ($14.99)
This is a much more relaxed and subtle method of fake tanning. Simply replace your everyday moisturiser with this and it will build a gradual and natural tan. The only thing about this one is that there is no colour guard so it can lead to a few mishaps such as missing spots of water damage. You can read more and purchase this tan here.

Those are my tanning picks for this season and products that I think make fake tanning fuss-free. Look out for a follow up post discussing fake tan extras that really help achieve the perfect bronze look. 

Thanks for reading!