Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Blogging everyday gets you very familiar with the art form and I feel like I have some pretty good insight into tips for better blogs posts that could potentially help some of you with your own blog!

These are quite easy tips but sticking to them can be a little difficult. In this post we talk about finding your point of difference, the best times to write your blog posts and how to keep the ball rolling on blog ideas.

Read on for the tips and also feel free to check out my previous article on 3 tips to writing better blog posts.

Find your point of difference
The thing that makes the blogging industry so endlessly entertaining is the different perspective that everyone brings to the table. If everyone was a carbon copy of each other, blogs would be the most boring things to read. Readers become attracted to certain blogs whether it be due to the writing style, photography, humor, easy navigation and the possibilities are endless. It's all about finding your unique voice, styling your own photos that represent you and writing in a way that connects to your niche audience.

Write when you're in the zone
My best content comes from a time when I am truly inspired so I have learnt that when I have that motivated feeling to write and keep writing until the feeling passes. Honestly the difference is insane between writing when inspired and forcing yourself to write because you need a post up. That's why scheduling is such a great idea, because you have that catalogue of potential posts to fall back on when you aren't in the mood to write.

Have a blogging book
I have both a blogging and YouTube book to write down my ideas when inspiration hits. You never know when you are going to get the next amazing idea for a post. I actually had an "aha" moment this morning when I was applying lipstick wondering which shade would make my teeth look whiter. I decided it is something I am going to have to research, look into and then come back to you guys with my findings. I made sure to write it all down in my book because there would be nothing worse than forgetting.

These are three practical ways that you can improve your blog and write better blog posts. Finding your point of difference will help excel your blog to become more successful. While writing in the zone and having a blogging book will make sure your blog posts are the best quality they can be!

Thanks for reading!