Friday, January 15, 2016


When you love beauty products and everything that goes with them, it can be hard to keep track of everything. I have a lot of different products that I have to organize. 

And if you like going to various salons and spas for beauty treatments, it can be hard to stay on top of them. Getting ready in the morning can end up taking ages when you don't know what you're doing or where anything is. If you can sometimes get a bit disorganized like me, it's probably time for a rethink! I've chosen some top tips for getting your beauty routine sorted.

Use Clever Beauty Storage
Fellow lovers of beauty products will know the trouble of having too many things and nowhere to put them. You end up with lipstick, bath bombs, eyeliner and moisturizer all over the bathroom and your bedroom. Figuring out the best way to store all of this stuff will help you out. In the bathroom, you probably have a medicine cabinet. But what should you do once it's full? I love the idea of the shower curtains with pockets for your shower products - or you can go for a simple shelf. Use a makeup box to put away all your bits and pieces in the bedroom. Any box will do, though.

Mark Important Dates on a Calendar
Staying beautiful is a lot of work, and life is busy. If you need to get your hair cut, get waxed, have a facial, and more, it can be hard to keep up. You can realize one day that you should have been to the salon six weeks ago. It's much easier to keep track if you write down all the important dates. Techie people might keep things in their phone, but I still like a good old-fashioned wall calendar. You can write down when you need to make appointments and when you have one coming up.


Get Your Morning Routine Sorted
Taking a long time to get ready in the morning can affect the rest of your day. You have to get up earlier to do it, and you might even make yourself late. You don't necessarily have to change how you do your hair and makeup. But it would help if you adjusted your routine to make it more streamlined. For example, you could put out the products you use the night before so that they're all lined up.

Slim Down
I know that you probably look at all your products and that your first reaction is that you need them all. But if you take a more thorough look, you're likely to get rid of some things. Everyone has products they don't use and that they never will use. Make a pile of the things that you haven't touched since buying them. You can give them away to friends or perhaps even a charity. You can also try replacing some things with multi-purpose products. Then you can have one item instead of two or three.

Doing these simple tasks can help you stay on top of your beauty regime. You'll be much more organized and have more time for other things.

This article has been kindly contributed.