Friday, January 15, 2016


I posted my review on the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette and as I expected I had so may of you asking which one I preferred and which one I would recommend.

So that is what this post is for and I had planned on doing this from the start anyway because I think they are so different to each other and it is interesting to compare them. I'm going to be discussing the similarities and differences between the two options so that you can form a clearer idea of which palette is best for you.

The Similarities
- Both have shimmery brown shades
- Both have some champagne nude shades
- Both palettes have a buttery smooth consistency
- Both palettes are easy to blend and work with

The Differences
- The Nudes is more cool toned while The Blushed has a warmer undertone.
- The Blushed has rose golds, plums and pinks unlike The Nudes.
- The Blushed has silvers while The Nudes has a black.
- The Blushed is mostly metallics while The Nudes has a better mix. 

Overall The Blushed Nudes is lighter and brighter, even more colourful, whereas The Nudes is quite neutral and dark. 

Both of these palettes retail for $25.95 and are available from Priceline. For 12 good quality eyeshadow shades I think it is definitely at a good price point and worth the money. 

Hopefully this post has been able to help you decide which of The Nudes palettes are for you but if worst comes to worst and you can't choose then you can always buy both and it will only set you back around $50.

Thanks for reading!