Saturday, January 2, 2016


One of the things I look for in a lip product is durability and longevity because let's face it, it can become tedious having to constantly reapply your lip colour throughout the day. 

A product that I have been using for years and have a love hate relationship with is the Maybelline SuperStay 24hour lip duo. The collection has just dropped their Bold Matte range with four hot new shades that I am talking about and swatching for your today. These new colours have arrived at just the right time suiting the bright and fun aesthetic of Spring and Summer. These biggest benefit I see is playing around with long lasting colour for your lips where you can essentially have your cake and eat it too (somewhat literally). By that I mean you can enjoy a fun bright lip and not have to worry about the maintenance that some bold lip colours tend to come along with. 

The biggest question you likely have about these is how they feel on the lips because long lasting products are notoriously drying. Unfortunately you don't get to escape that with this Bold Matte collection but the balm they provide is extremely hydrating and if used before as well as after then it isn't too bad at all. You can also continue to reapply the balm throughout the day but you may experience a little bit of chipping from the colour if you do that.
This dual product is double ended with the colour on one side and a stick balm on the other. The balm applies clear and feels just like a normal chapstick. The colour end has a doe foot end for precise application. The combination of these two products is what keeps the colour adhered to your lips all day. I like to apply the lip balm, add a coat of the colour then apply the lip balm again to seal the product onto the lips. I really enjoy how pigmented and creamy the colours are because it provides a streak free finish.
The colours in this collection are the perfect fit for our current season but also provide a lot of variety. The collection consists of three bold colourful shades and one nude colour.

815 Fire Coral is a bright atomic orange similar to that of MAC Vegas Volt. It is guaranteed to make a statement because of how bold it is but also still remains quite wearable.

810 Peach Coral is my favourite out of the four. It is the perfect mix between a creamy bright coral and a hint of baby pink. An absolutely perfect Spring/Summer lip colour.

800 Glamour Pink is a hot fuschia barbie doll pink for those times when you want something really eye catching but aren't willing to commit to a red lip.

845 Hot Brown is a creamy nude shade with a warm undertone. It isn't overly light so it will suit a lot of skin tones but it is still something a bit tricky on very pale skin.
This product retails for $22.95 from Priceline but you can often find these on sale to make them even more affordable. This pricing is about average with all lip products from Maybelline so they aren't overly expensive. I find this to be quite a reasonable price since a lot of similar options on the market are more expensive.

I think they are worth the investment to try out because if you give it a go and dislike it then you haven't wasted too much money. Then if you like them you can add colours to your collection so you have more long lasting lip colour options.

Thanks for reading!