Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The hairdresser Stefan launched a line of makeup a few months ago and you know I had to put their products to the test to see what they are like.

I have collected three different products; their eyebrow shaper, mascara and a lipstick so will be running you through my thoughts and a verdict on the range.

Stefan 6 Colour Eyebrow Shaper ($22)
I love how this product is a one stop shop for every brow colour so it gives you lots of room to move whether you dye your hair and it fades or you have blonde hair but dark regrowth makes it darker. My only critique about this palette is that all of the six shades are shimmery. Some colours show up more shimmery on the skin than others that are more manageable but I always look for matte shades to fill in my brows. This product is enriched with a wax that helps adhere the colour onto your skin, making for a pretty effective brow powder.
Stefan Lipstick "Coral" ($22)
The formulation is incredibly creamy but also very durable so the colour will last on your lips. The vanilla scent is heavenly and very comparable to MAC lipsticks, particularly the shade Sweet and Sour. I would say that the finish is semi-matte because it still has a sheen to it. For $22 they are around the same price range as L'Oreal and I would say that the quality matches the price since the lipstick I tried was very decent. I definitely think I would like to collect some more colours from this range so I give this lipstick a big thumbs up.

Stefan Waterproof Mascara ($26)
This is odd but I am going to compare this mascara to another MAC product, the Zoom Lash because it has the same thin and super black consistency. The main complaint about MAC mascaras is that the price isn't justified since drugstore alternatives give similar results and I feel that this is the same case. It is a really great mascara and if you don't mind spending a little bit more than normal to get it then it is perfect but if you are on a tight budget you might want to wait for a sale at Priceline and get something a bit cheaper.

Those are my thoughts on the newly released Stefan makeup, next time you are passing one of their salons it might be worthwhile taking a peek in and swatching a few things. The quality is surprisingly impressive and as with all brands there are hit and miss products but you are sure to find something you like.
Thanks for reading!