Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty And Fashion Trends For The Active Lifestyle

I like to look and feel my best as much as I can. But sometimes, when exercising, it’s difficult to look on trend. Maybe it’s because you want to be comfortable, or perhaps you don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason may be I know it’s still possible to look good and feel your best when wearing our active wear and taking exercise

I wanted to share with you some of the beauty and fashion trends that many people are taking advantage of in their active lifestyles. It means that there is no excuse to feel rubbish about yourself.

First off I wanted to share with you some of the fashion trends. I have noticed an increase in bright-coloured trainers and active wear, and I love it. Wearing something bright and colourful can have a significant effect on our mood and motivation. Whether you are running along the beach or stretching using your yoga moves at sunset. The activewear is just inspirational. From running shorts to yoga apparel you will find something to suit your individual style.

It’s also become popular to show some flesh. A perfectly fitted sports bra teamed with bright exercise leggings are fast becoming a match made in heaven for any fit girl.


The beauty trends in the active lifestyle world are little more varied. It’s down to your personal style. I've noticed things such as BB Cream being a popular choice amongst active women. BB Cream gives your face some much-needed moisture while evening out your complexion. There is also an added benefit of SPF protection, so you are not restricted to keeping your workout indoors.

If you are into your beauty and makeup, then a good waterproof mascara is going to be a worth investment. Working out is always going to create some moisture on your face and your eyes. Nothing is attractive about mascara that has ran.

A tinted lip balm is also a great beauty trick when exercising. When working out the last thing you want is a heavy applied lipstick and lip liner look that can easily be smeared. A tinted lip balm will do two things for you. It will provide your lips with much-needed moisture, and the tint will just give you that little extra something.

Finally, I wanted to share with you the last two beauty trends I have noticed. A good deodorant and a light scented body spray. The deodorant I feel is self-explanatory, you will know what works for you and your body. A body spray is something extra to consider. Perfume can have a heavy scent. The last thing you want is a heavy smell making you feel light headed or nauseous. A body spray for your workout is just the answer. These scents are much lighter and cling to your body and active wear. You will feel comfortable, and smell like a dream.

Do you have any fashion and beauty trends to share for when you are working out? I would love to hear them. 

Thanks for reading!