Monday, February 22, 2016


Summer is one of my favourite times to spice it up with eye makeup and liners are always fun to play around with - there is something amazing about a blue pop of colour paired with a tan and summer dress. 

Needless to say I was happy to see two blue liners from Mary Kay along with a classic black and neutral brown for more subtle looks. 

They have a creamy consistency that glides onto the eyes so there is no pulling or tugging required. The formulation is quite buttery and smooth but not to the point where it is smudgey. It is still able to be smudged out but it won't budget unless you want it to - win win.

These are really highly pigmented, providing a clean stroke of bold colour. The deep blue isn't like a wishy washy light blue - it is like a dark denim. The black isn't the darkest black I have ever used but it is definitely quite dark. All shades have a really decent pigmentation to them so they get a big thumbs up in that aspect.

Black is your typical everyday liner. Deep Brown is more of a medium toned brown shade perfect for more natural looks. Dark Denim is definitely true to its name and a deep blue. Steely is like an icy blue with lots of glitter - definitely a unique standout shade.
L to R - Dark Denim, Steely, Black, Deep Brown.

These really will last and have a similar quality to the Maybelline liners that I have - which I love for the most part. They will stay on until you remove them but they will slightly fade throughout the day, which I find is a common theme for a lot of drugstore and high end eyeliners - with this particular type of stick eyeliner anyway. 

Price and Availability 
These retail for $18 each and are available from the Mary Kay website here. So these are about the price of Maybelline for around the same quality. 

I hope this has given you an idea of what these liners are like and if they are worth adding to your collection. The biggest benefit of these liners is the unique blue shades that they have in the range. They definitely add character to the collection and are fun to play around with in these warmer months. The classic black and brown are of course always welcomed and a standard pick. 

Thanks for reading!