Friday, February 5, 2016


This time last week discussed the products to actually fake tan but a lot goes along with the process. In this post we are going to be discussing the extras such as tan enhancers, making sure your face matches your body, adding some shimmer over the top and much more. 

I have packed this post full of eight products I think assist your fake tan to look the best it ever will. Think of it as fake tanning taken to the next level for professional results. 

The Shimmery Oils
What really takes that tan to the next level is a rich and shimmery bronzing oil. MAC To The Beach bronzing oil is a thin and watering consistency that provides a slight tint and a stunning sheen to the skin. RCK Body Glow is a similar concept but a thicker formulation and more intense result. These are both great for applying to the legs before a night out. 

The Tan Boosters
SunSense Bronze Shield is a brown tinted milky formulation that gives an instant natural tan. Used on it's own it is quite subtle but when paired over the top of a fading tan or a light fake tan it gives the colour an amazing boost. Le Tan Wash Off is another instant bronzing lotion with a rich and deep brown to it, immediately turning the skin a beauty golden shade. These sorts of products are great if your tan has worn off in some areas because it helps tie everything back together. I just wouldn't recommend these products for the beach because they are wash off.  

The Base
An exfoliate or exfoliating glove is essential to create a smooth base for the tan to go over or to remove existing tan. I love using velvet mitts for applying my tan and would highly recommend the Modelco and St.Tropez ones because they hold up during use.

For the face I love using the Le Tan Face Tan because it has a colour guard and provides an instant bronze. 

While at the beach I love the Le Tan Coconut Oil because it provides protection from the sun while also hydrating and assisting with a natural tan. This isn't something I avidly use because I prefer a much higher SPF but something to consider on quick trips to the beach. 

With these products on hand you will have everything you need for a flawless tan done at home.

Thanks for reading!