Thursday, February 25, 2016


Scrubs have become increasingly popular over the years and have definitely caught my attention, particularly these cotton candy coloured concoctions from JAR Body that I saw popping up on my social media feeds.

In this post I am going to be talking you through my thoughts and experience with three of their scrubs, letting you know if they are worth the money and if I would recommend them.

Each of these scrubs are ideal for tricky jobs like removing fake tan, reducing the appearance of cellulite, eczema and other skin conditions as well as simply exfoliating. Each packet arrives with a wooden spoon which you can use to help you scoop out the scrub. I would recommend scooping out the desired amount of product and putting it into a separate dish or something rather than keeping the bag in your shower and using it in there. I say this because with my experience of scrubs, the steam from the shower or stray water droplets can stick the product together to the point where it is ruined. 

'Saint Kilda' Cotton Candy Body Scrub
If you have a sweet tooth then this may be the scrub for you. It feels like you have walked into a candy land each time you use this scrub because it fills the shower with such a potent sweet scent. This product has a lovely coarse texture that is still finely milled so that it is easy to use and not abrasive on the skin. The way I use these scrubs is take some of the product in my hand, mix it with a little bit of water and massage in circular motions all over. 
'Bondi' Vanilla & Coconut Body Scrub 
This scent transports you to a tropical paradise where you are sipping cocktails on the beach. This is my favourite kind of smell of all time, all it's missing is a hint of lime and it could be good enough to eat. If I was to recommend one out of the three then it would definitely be this one. After these scrubs you feel baby smooth and so incredibly soft. They even leave the skin with a rich buttery finish that keeps your skin hydrated and feeling moisturised.

Each of these scrubs retail for $16.95. They are a luxury item being fairly costly but you do get a lot of uses out of each pack and they are high in quality. There are so many amazing sounding options available on the JAR Body website so I would highly recommend heading over there are seeing if any of the scents catch your eye. They definitely make shower time a lot more fun and incredible smelling.

Thanks for reading!