Friday, February 26, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I decided to go on a tea detox and in this post I will be sharing with you my journey, thoughts on the process and results from the 14 Day Detox Program by Stay Lean Tea.

For this detox I chose Stay Lean Tea’s 14 Day Detox Program because it included 2 separate blends of tea - the Lean Burner to be consumed in the morning and the Lean Cleanse to be consumed at night. This two-step combination really kicks the detox process into overdrive to be extremely effective, as I saw some great results.

I went into this detox after just recovering from a cold and feel that it really helped to detoxify my system from the ibuprofen I had been taking for the fever as well as boosted my immune system back to high levels. I like to keep my diet as clean as possible; eliminating all meat and dairy from my diet. So I also dislike putting harsh medicines into my body because I feel like they make me sluggish and add toxins. This is what inspired me to begin the detox and I can’t wait to get into this post because I had some fantastic results.

The entire detox consists of 21 teas where you have 14 of the Lean Burner Blend and 7 of the Lean Cleanse Blend. This is not a hard detox to keep up with because you only need to drink 1 tea a day for 7 of the days and 2 teas a day for the other 7 days of the detox.

The 14 Day Detox program aims to give the metabolism a huge boost, burn fat & excess calories while at rest, suppress appetite over a sustained period of time, remove toxins from digestive tract, enhance nutrient abortion, reducing bloating and water retention as well as increase energy levels and boost immune system.

Lean Burner Blend
This blend includes 14 pyramid teas with direction to consume 1 tea bag every morning of the 14-day detox. It is a powerful blend of natural herbal ingredients that help supress the appetite while boosting the metabolism. This blend consists of; Lonjing green leaf, pu’erh tea leaf, oolong leaf, lotus leaf, lemon grass, dandelion lead and Goji berry. I absolutely love the fruity and fresh flavour of this tea and I would go as far to say that it is one of the best tasting teas that I have ever tried. The whole goji berries in the mix give it a really beautiful touch.

Lean Cleanse Blend
This bend includes 7 pyramid tea bags with directions to consume 1 tea bad every second afternoon. This tea contains an antioxidant rich blend of herbal ingredients that help clean the digestive tract and speed up the detoxification process. The ingredients in this one are absolutely delicious and my favourite kind of blend. It includes; chamomile, chrysanthemum, rose flower, lavender, Roselle, lemon grass and longjing green leaf.  This is a beautiful calming tea that helps you wind down in the afternoon after a stressful day. The lavender truly relaxes you to feel calm and tranquil while the flavour is warming and delicious.

The bags themselves are extremely high quality and hold together really well, enclosing all of the ingredients. The mesh bag effectively seeps the tea for a really smooth taste. The main thing this detox taught me is that the tea used is actually really delicious and nicer than a lot of teas that don’t have any of the cleansing properties that these have.

After 14 days I feel lighter and much more cleansed. I lost over 1kg and could noticeably see that my stomach was flatter. The only thing I changed as part of my exercise and diet routine was this tea so the results are definitely down to the detox. I felt that it curbed my sweet cravings and also supressed my appetite because I wasn’t as hungry as usual. If you want to read some reviews from girls who have successfully used Stay Lean Tea for bloating and weight loss then you can click here.

Here are tons of reviews from girls who have successfully used Stay Lean Tea to reduce bloating and lose weight.

This detox retails for $45AUD but is currently on sale for $39AUD so it is the perfect time to give it a go. Not only that but you can get an extra 10% off your order by using the code jordy33! Click here to shop. Stay Lean Tea generously offers free shipping.

They also have a 28 Day Detox Program which is more effective if you are looking to lose more weight.

I don’t think this is something I would say to do every single month of the year but once every couple of months could really show some great results. For this reason, I cannot wait until my next detox with Stay Lean Tea.

Thanks for reading!