Friday, March 18, 2016


I recently attended a lovely blogger luncheon put on by the lovely girls from MooGoo and DustyGirls so I was able to learn all about the amazing products they offer. 

Everything about this brand is so interesting from the way they originated to what kin of products they have and the most exciting part is that they have vegan makeup. So I am going to be talking you through all of the products I got my hands on from MooGoo and DustyGirls! Let's get into it...

How Now Brown Cow is a gradual tanner for both the face and body. If this product doesn't prove that MooGoo has it all then I don't know what will because I honestly didn't expect for them to have such an extensive range that it actually included a tanning product. I have tried this product out and absolutely love the natural radiant tan it gives. it achieves a very beautiful honey sun kissed glow to the skin perfect for those girls with pale skin who don't want to commit to a heavy duty fake tanner.

The Fresh Cream Deodorant is an all natural alternative. This means that it doesn't contain any aluminum because it focuses on health inside and out. It is made from all natural ingredients including Aussie lemon Myrtle. I love the fact that this product focuses on killing bacteria and controlling scent because proper antiperspirants always feel awful under my arms because they are basically blocking your pores.

I am so excited about the Natural Sunscreen because it is a zinc that acts as a barrier on the skin, reflecting the suns rays. With chemical sunscreens your skin still soaks up the rays so this zinc based on sounds a lot better in my mind. The trade off is that the consistency is a lot thicker than your typical chemical sunscreen but that is because there are no nasty additives. Did I mention this is PSF 40?! I am seriously impressed. I also really love the pump tube it comes in.

The Udder Cream is where it all started with the brand and it was where the owner found the secret formula that cleared her skin condition. Basically it is an all round amazing product for hydrating the skin to be super soft. It is non greasy but filled with amazing moisturising oils that soothe the skin.

Cow Lick Lip Balm is a really surprising product because it is more interesting than your typical balm. It smells absolutely delicious, even good enough to eat (which it is but we will get into that later) and is yellow in the tube but goes onto the lips clear. It is definitely a decadent and effective option when it comes to hydrating your lips.

So basically everything from MooGoo is made with edible ingredients so in theory you could eat any of these products and be completely fine. But I have been advised not to because they don't taste the best despite how great they smell. Now let's finish up with the Dusty Girl makeup.

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Bronzer in the shade "Sunshine" is an absolutely stunning chocolate coloured bronzer with a beautiful sparkle to it. It is extremity pigmented and the essential oils make it creamy and blendable on the skin despite it being a powder not a cream. I love using the Dusty Girls Kabuki Brush with this because it is super soft and seamlessly blends it into the skin.

Lastly we have the Natural Mineral Lip Shine in 'Argule Pink' and the packaging is one of the most beautiful makeup items I have seen. It has a really pretty baby pink tube with delicate white writing. It swatches as a tint of pink/purple berry with a really hydrating and nourishing formulation.

I think this post has probably made your brain have an information overload but I had so much fun chatting with you about these incredible products that have me very excited to take care of my skin. I really want to get my hands on more Dusty Girl makeup so keep an eye out because there may be more posts on them.

Thanks for reading!