Monday, March 21, 2016


As I said in the original installment of 'Instagrams I Love', I spend more time on Instagram than I would like to admit and use it mostly as a source of inspiration and keeping up with trends.

I love this series because it allows me to share with you all of the accounts I love for either their style, theme, personality, talent or source of inspiration they provide me with. I have four new recommendations for you all that I would highly recommend following if you also engage with their content.

Hannah is the nail art queen on Instagram and my go-to source for polish inspiration. I absolutely love the diversity of her talent. She can get super creative and fun with her designs but also offers wearable everyday options.

If you love looking at beautiful makeup then this is the account for you! Ashley does a fantastic job of displaying both new releases and old favourites in an inspiring way. I feel like I add a new product to my makeup wishlist each time she posts a photo.

I have known Ash for years now and she has a seriously amazing Instagram account. If you want an inside look into the life of someone who works at Mecca (hint: lots of makeup) or want to follow a professional makeup artist then Ash is your girl. My personal favourite posts have been when Ash shares her beautiful artwork that she creates.

Emily is a source of inspiration for beauty, food and life in general. If you love funny and uplifting quotes then this is an account for you. Not only that but lovely inspiring images that make scrolling through your feed that much better.

So head over to those four lovely girls Instagrams and have a peek for yourself. Give them all a follow -- you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading!