Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Let me start off by saying that I am blown away with how impressive these products are and for just $2 they are a pretty amazing steal.

The BOE Beauty Velvet Matte Lips are available in three fun and bold shades; hot pink cherry red and a dusty mauve. These really hit the nail on the head with what the market is missing because they are; affordable, pigmented, creamy to apply and comfortable on the lips. This has quickly become one of my all time favourite budget beauty lip products.

Paparazzi is a bright bubblegum hot pink that is so bold that it almost looks fluorescent.
Runway is a rich bright cherry for a classic red lip.
Fame is a stunning dusty berry shade with mauve undertones.

Each of the colours are completely matte and have a velvet finish on the lips. 
These are out of this world pigmented and are extremely opaque to the point where they almost look like a paint. When I tried these for the first time I was so impressed with how intense and vibrant each of the colours were. If you are looking to make a statement then these are the products to go with.

Despite being pigmented with a velvet finish, they have a comfortable creamy feel to the lips which I love and is hard to find with some matte lip products. The product is long lasting but isn't overly drying which makes it an impressive combination.
It shocks me that these retail for just $2. They are quite tiny tubes but still contain 5g of product and the smaller packaging makes it great for a purse sized lip product. I would highly recommend heading into Big W and picking up some of these impressive lip products. They are definitely worth trying out and giving a go. These are by far the most affordable I have seen this type of lip product available for and they have surpassed my expectations of quality.

Thanks for reading!