Thursday, March 31, 2016


Okay so I’m headed back to the states at the end of next month and am thinking of spending a few days in New York. We all know my obsession with LA but I am totally up for taking in everything that the big apple has to offer. 

I’m stressing just slightly because I’m an ABSOLUTE meticulous organiser but haven’t even started the New York itinerary so I figured I would sit down with you guys and discuss. In this post I am going to be running you through places I would love to make it to while staying in New York, almost as sort of a research and reference point for myself to kick start this itinerary.

 I’m also going to be seeking out your opinions on social media because let’s face it, New York is a hella big city and I need some help scouting out all the cool spots. Been there and found an amazing hideout or had an incredible experience somewhere?? Let me know! I am all ears (that’s such a weird saying, ew).

Get ready for my wish list because I feel like such a tourist already after just writing this post. So help me out with some cool unique spots around New York! I don’t want to be such a basic bitch.

Central Park 
 have a weird obsession with Central Park. Like the idea of a massive park being surrounded by an incredible city is such a beautiful thought. You best believe I will be strolling through Central Park.

Statue of Liberty 
I’m not going to lie.. the Statue of Liberty actually scares me a bit. I don’t mean what it stands for because that part is awesome but the sheer size scares me. I think it’s an actual phobia to be scared of large statues so I probably have that. Despite this, I will power through and make sure I see a glimpse of Lady Liberty while I am in New York.

Empire State Building 
It is such a cliché to get a photo on top of the Empire State Building but I want my moment there so I will definitely be stopping by here for the incredible view. 

World Trade Centre Memorial 
 Let’s get serious for a minute. This was such a catastrophic event that changed the Western world and after watching like 100 documentaries on 7/11 I feel like this will be such an incredible place to visit and truly understand the enormity of the situation.

Grand Central Station 
Who remembers that opening scene in Gossip Girl where Serena steps on the scene coming from Central Station? I want that Gossip Girl moment! Kidding but I would like to check out the hussle and bustle of this iconic place.

Times Square 
When I was first thinking about going to New York would you guys believe that I TOTALLY FORGOT about Times Square! Like didn’t even cross my mind?! How did I forget about such an incredible and breathtaking place! Well we better make it there while I’m in New York because it’s like a must do on any tourists list, right?

Other things on my list include the New York Library and Saks Fifth Avenue but we will leave that for another day and another post.

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Thanks guys! You are the best.