Monday, March 7, 2016


We are all well acquainted with the high end, deep and smoky eyeshadow palettes out on the market but there are some equally amazing budget versions that can save you some cash. 

The Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky palette is an affordable and great quality selection of eyeshadows with a well thought out colour scheme. The Revealed palettes often rival the Naked ones from Urban Decay and this new palette in particular is most comparable to the cool toned Naked 2 palette with a few lighter colours as seen in the Naked 3. 

I now have a handful of these palettes and find them to be great quality for the most part. As with many brands, the eyeshadows can be a hit and miss where they vary in pigmentation and consistency.

Colour Selection
You receive a whopping 20 shades in the palette giving you a whole lot of variety to work with. There is a good mix of light champagnes and whites to deep plums, browns and blacks. There is a bit of colour thrown in there with plum and blue shades for some variation. For the most part it is fairly neutral though.  

I would say that this palette is primarily shimmer with a handful of matte shades. So if you love a glimmering smoky eye then this one is perfect for you. The matte formulations are really buttery so more like a velvet finish. The shimmery shades are a very fine glitter which makes them easy to work with and feel like they are high quality.
Pricing and Availability
The full retail price on this palette is $29.95 USD but Coastal Scents often have sales and this one is currently 33% off bringing it down to $19.95 USD. Shipping may be an additional cost to consider though. For 20 eyeshadows, just over $1 each is actually a really fantastic price and definitely worth the purchase. 

I think this is a really great go-to palette for daily use where you want a shimmery neutral eye or going out and creating a deep sparkly smoky eye. If you think you will love and use these colours then go for it and purchase it. However, if you think that you have some palettes quite similar to this then you may be able to give this one a miss. 

Thanks for reading!