Tuesday, March 1, 2016


It's officially Autumn and as soon as this time of year hits I immediately start reaching more for my burnt oranges and cool toned burgundy eye shadows. 

Keeping up with seasonal makeup trends doesn't always have to be costly and this affordable eyeshadow palette is a perfect example of that. Packed with 15 beautiful eyeshadow shades perfect for this time of year it is a budget friendly option costing just under $6 on eBay! I love trying and testing affordable makeup because if it turns out to be any good then I can recommend it to you all. I love how this can save you a fair amount of money by being aware of budget friendly alternatives to the mainstream high end palettes we all hear so much about. So let's get into this palette and how I got along with it.

Colour Selection
I fell in love with all of the colours when I saw the photo on the eBay listing but I was shocked to find how beautiful they are in real life. When I opened up the parcel and lifted the lid on this palette my jaw must have dropped because these colours are incredibly beautiful. A few of my favourites include the warm orange nude fourth on the top row, the burnt burgundy third in the middle row and the deep purple berry colour fourth on the bottom row.

It is quite hit and miss with this palette but the overall quality is good. Some shades are lacking the pigmentation you would hope for while others are incredibly surprising and comparable in quality to something from MAC or Urban Decay.

Price and Availability
We already got into this a little bit earlier because I couldn't contain my excitement over how affordable this product was. I personally received mine from SammyDress. It is also listed on eBay numerous times and varies in price from $5.24-$6.77 depending on which seller you purchase from. The disadvantage of this is that the product is coming from Asia so it will take a few weeks to get to you. This product is well worth the wait though and you can't beat the value for money. I just searched "15 eyeshadow palette warm" and was able to find it easily.

Thanks for reading!