Friday, March 25, 2016


The eyeshadow section at MAC can get kind of overwhelming with so many colours and formulation options. It is also really important to get the right finish for your eyeshadow or you could be left dissapointed.

This post is all about decoding MAC eyeshadows and also recommending a few of my favourites. MAC have 7 different finishes of eyeshadow and I am going to quickly talk you through each one.

These are the most metallic and shimmery of the eyeshadows. My favourite way to use these is to incorporate them into my smokey eyes by placing a shimmery shade on my lid for enhanced dimension. Amber lights is by far my favourite frost eyeshadow because it is such a beautiful antiqued gold shade.

This formulation generally have a much chunkier glitter and more chalky consistency. I have not had the best experience with these as they tend to be hard to apply. I have Forgery in this consistency and I thought it would be a beautiful silver for smoky eyes but it turned out to be quite a chunky glitter that doesn't blend.

Matte and Matte2
These are my personal favourite formulations of MAC eyeshadow because I find it to be the most versatile. I love having my really light shades such as Gesso and Blanc Type be completely matte. I also love my browns to be completely matte that way I can give them different uses like a brow colour or contouring shade. The difference between the two formulations is that Matte2 is generally more pigmented so Blanc Type is a lot more intense as a cream colour than Gesso is.

I also love this formulation because they are extremley smooth and silky, applying on the lids evenly and beautifully. Sushi Flower and Brule are two colours in this formulation that are absolutely beautiful. These are also fantastic when it comes to blending and it is easy to create intense looks with these.

Veluxe Pearl
I would say that this is the most popular forulation in terms of cult classic colours. These include shades such as Stars N Rockets, All That Glitters, Coppering and Knight Divine. They have a very intense and colourful duochrome to them which make them really unique. 

I probably own more Velvet formulation than any other and I think they are the fantastic combination of matte, satin and veluxe pearl. They somehow meet in the middle and are a mix of all three. My all time favourite shade in this finish is Vanilla as a brow bone highlight. Sketch is a beautiful deep brown wine and Mulch is a beautiful brown crease colour. 

That is all for my little guide to MAC eyeshadow formulations. I hope that this has been useful and can be a good point of reference in helping you decide which MAC shadow will be perfect for you if you have something particular in mind.

Thanks for reading!