Thursday, March 24, 2016


If you are anything like me then hair isn't a top priority when rushing out the door before work and makeup/ selecting an outfit tends to take up most of the time. 

So with the long Easter weekend coming up there might be a bit of extra time to spend on those neglected locks. I might actually try with my hair for once since I have a bit of extra time so I have pulled together three products that I would recommend giving a go on your hair.

Joico Gold Dust ($7.99)
This is a shimmer finishing spray that will add a bit of sparkle and glimmer to your hair. This is perfect if you have just washed your hair and feel the finish is quite dry and lacking vitality. Don't be scared by the title though - it is quite a subtle finish so won't make you look like you have spray glitter in your hair or anything like that. It is moreso noticeable when your hair hits the light and it overall adds a healthy glowy look to your locks. This is perfect for all hair colours and adds something a bit special to each.
S-Factor Body Booster ($30)
If volume is the name of your game then this is a product you definitely need to test out. Firstly, I love that it comes in a spray top rather than an aerosol can because it gives you more control and I find it an easier formulation to work with. It goes on as a clear liquid that you can then use to maneuver in your roots for a much more volumous look. I normally have quite flat hair so this has become a holy grail for me when I want volume. It is a versatile product so can be used for a subtle  boost or to create some seriously tousled volume.
Toni & Guy Casual ($15.99)
This rough texturiser is perfect on days after you have just washed your hair or if you have quite thin and soft hair to begin with. It can be difficult with up-dos and mussy pony tails when you don't have any texture in your hair to work with so in that circumstance this Toni & Guy product is a go-to. It provides a disheveled matt finish, particularly useful with those pesky flat fringe pieces that are always needing a bit of extra volume. Although slightly different, this is a cheaper alternative to the Body Booster we spoke about before this. 

Those are my three recommendations for hair products to try out this Easter. If any caught your eye then definitely give them a go and let me know your experience with them. 

Thanks for reading!