Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I’m someone who always saves their money but especially now that I am putting away funds for another huge holiday mid this year - it has become an even bigger priority.

Aside from a few splurge purchases here and there I like to make sure I put away a lot of my paycheck for a rainy day. I have found this to be such a fantastic trait that serves me and my lifestyle. Take for example my last minute USA trip that I booked late last year only a month before a stepped onto the plane. I was able to do that so last minute without loads of preparation because I already had the money saved up so this post is all about sharing my money saving tips that may be able to help you out too. 

You will be surprised at what you can do if you are smart with your money which is why today I wanted to take a break from beauty talk to discuss the topic of saving money. 

1. Food and drink
This is often where a lot of money can go to waste but the good news is that this is something that can be turned around really quickly! Invest in a coffee machine and make your latte before work each morning rather than spending $5 a day on your coffee. Meal prep so that you have meals to bring for lunch to work each day and something to go home and eat straight away in the evenings rather than being tempted with fast food. By packing your lunch and eating dinner in you can save at least $20 a day! That is a minimum saving of $25 per day by making your own coffee and food. This can save you at least $125 during your working week – not too bad.

2. Fashion
It can be tempting when you see a gorgeous dress in the window front and try justify to yourself that $300 isn’t all that much. Over the past few years I have cut down on my wardrobe budget and by this I mean strictly clothes because fashions are constantly changing. I do love investing in jewellery, shoes and handbags but I just cannot justify dropping a large amount of money on clothes. If you can spend $50 on a dress that is similar to a $300 one you saw then you will be saving money like crazy.

3. Products
I used to be awful with this because I would purchase items from stores when I knew I could purchase them cheaper online. It could be something as small as paying $20 for a phone case from a kiosk instead of $5 on eBay or as big as getting half price beauty products by buying them from overseas. I love purchasing my Real Techniques brushes, Physicians Formula makeup and health food products from iHerb.com because often the products work out to be half price what I can purchase them in Australia. Also if you use code QAB322 you can get 50% off! That means $10 off orders over $20 and $5 off order over $10.

Remember, money isn’t everything and it is important to think of it more as a tool to allow you to do the things you want – not a driving force in deciding how to live your life. Money comes and goes and at the end of the day just make sure you are spending your money in a way that makes you happy.

These are just a few basic tips but I can definitely create a follow up post to this with some more savvy money saving methods so keep an eye out.
Thanks for reading!