Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Seriously guys - the time has just flown by and we are already mid-way through Autumn! 

I have compiled a bunch of my must-have products for this season. I have had a fair amount of time now to ease into my routine for Autumn and wanted to share with you products that you NEED this Autumn. Read on and take notes ladies because once these product enter your lives you will be constantly repurchasing them. 

Maybelline ColorBlur Lip Sticks
This is the first Autumn since the Color Blur's were launched by Maybelline and HOLY MOLY I am so excited! Before the collection even hit shelves I was eyeing these incredible deep berries and amazing burgundies. Bold pigmented colour in one swipe - YES PLEASE! So excited to make use of these and even pair them with a lipgloss for some added shine. Read more here.

MAC Ladyblush Cremeblend Blush 
Don't let the cooler weather dull your skin! Opt for a cream blush to add hydration and dimension to the finish of your makeup. I love this particular colour because it is a natural dusty rose that goes with any colour scheme with your makeup - it's one of those shades that just matches everything!

Cosima Purely Radiant Elixir 
Whether you have dry or oily skin this hydrating product is the one for you in these cooler months. It deeply and intensely hydrates your skin with the nourishing oils. There are advantages for both dry and oily skin using this product. If you have quite dry skin it is fantastic for leaving a nice hydrated coating on your skin that you can feel actively working (which you just don't get with some serums, particularly if they aren't oil based). Don't be afraid if you have oily skin because it does NOT make you breakout but actually works towards balancing the natural oils in your skin - it's a win/win really.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in "Paramaribo"
Last Autumn / Winter I got so into antiqued golds and mossy greens - how random! I just loved the look of using an antiqued gold instead of a light bright gold and switching up a burgundy or brown instead of a deep and complicated mossy green. Read more here.

Mary Kay TimeWise Tone Correcting Serum 
If you don't use primers or serums then you are leaving yourself open to missed opportunities of transforming and protecting your skin tone. This particular serum works to even out the skin and correct any colour pigmentation or unevenness in tone. Everyone is different and some things just will not work on your skin but it's worth giving products a go and trialing the best things for you.

Maybelline Creamy Matte "660 Touch of Spice" Lipstick 
This has been my go-to lip colour this season so far, like I have been wearing it DAILY! I love it. It gives that warmth in colour of spices such as cinnamon while still having a deep and dark element to it. It provides a bit of a unique spin on a dark nude lip. Read more here.

That's it for my run-down of products that you ABSOLUTELY need this Autumn season for radiant skin and bold statement lips. 

Thanks for reading!